HRFA Photo Contest Upload

First - Select a file on your hard drive using the browse button.

Then - Hit the Upload button to place it on the HRFA NJ server.

* By uploading your files you are...

  1. Giving permission to the HRFA NJ to use those photos on the web site and other publications. 
  2. Certifying that you are over 18 years of age.
  3. Certifying that you have the permission of the parent or guardian of anyone in the photo who is under 18 to post the photo on the web.

* A Parental Photo Permission form must be on record for each photo of a minor who appears on our web site.
To download a Parental Photo Permission form - click here.
Then please send the signed form to the HRFA NJ.

Remember this contest is only open to members of the HRFA NJ so others will upload but not be awarded any prizes.
You may want to rename your photo files before you upload them so that they reflect your name or some other aspect.